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Mission Statement: To help people who are suffering of various health issues, injuries and soft tissue trauma to heal efficiently, by addressing the root cause not just the symptoms. To teach our clients how to sustainably manage their recovery process and health, without reinjury.  To always tailor our treatment protocols to meet each individual client's unique health needs, comfort (physical, mental & emotional) and personal preferences. We do this through the use of scientifically proven and evidence based, therapeutic modalities and holistic approaches including craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, medical massage, posture and breathing rehabilitation, nutrition coaching and medical thermography, which are the foundation of our treatment philosophy. 


 Tomas Cernansky LMT, CPEP, CTNC, CCT.

I am a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist

(FL LMT LIC # MA 101927), Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP), Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) and a Certified Clinical Thermographer (CCT). My practice is the leading provider of high quality, holistic, rehabilitative and therapeutic bodywork services in Chipley, FL.


- craniosacral therapy

- lymphatic drainage

- pain management

- posture and movement rehabilitation

- orthopedic and medical massage

- transformational nutrition coaching

- medical thermography.



I specialize in palliative care for the following health issues:


* Cancer * Chronic Pain * Long Covid * Immunity

* Inflammation * Autoimmune Disorders *

Traumatic Brain Injuries & Concussions * Migraines

* Headaches * Gut Dysfunction (Gut-Brain Axis)

* Alzheimer’s * Chronic Fatigue * Sleep Challenges

* Emotional Difficulties & Depression

* Stress and Tension-Related Problems

* Fibromyalgia & Connective-Tissue Disorders

* TMJ Syndrome & Dental Challenges

* Motor-Coordination Impairments

* Orthopedic & Post-Surgical Dysfunctions * Scarring

* Scoliosis * Spinal Cord Injuries

* Central Nervous System Disorders * PTSD

* Soft Tissue Trauma * Repetitive Motion Injuries

* Work & Motor Vehicle Accidents Related Injuries

* Paralympians * Amputees 



In 2015, I received my education in medical massage and bodywork at the University of Western States (UWS) in Portland, Oregon. During my studies, I decided to further specialize and became a Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP). 

Additionally, I attended the American College of Clinical Thermology to become a Certified Clinical Thermographer (CCT). Most recently, I have earned my Transformational Nutrition Coach certification (CTNC) from the Institute Of Transformational Nutrition. 


My mission is to help people suffering of various injuries, ailments and soft tissue trauma to heal efficiently and to maximize peak physical and mental potential, so they can successfully resume the pursuit of their life goals.

As a provider of palliative care for people who often suffer very serious health conditions, I am a strong proponent of integrative and holistic medicine and medical freedom

As a result, my practice is legally established as a Private Member Association (PMA) to meet the great need in the holistic healthcare community for a safe-haven where YOU can make personal healthcare choices and I can offer you the best and most effective holistic healthcare without fear of being exposed to governmental / regulatory agency over-reach.

My treatment protocols take into account the whole person (body, mind and spirit) and make use of all appropriate therapies – both conventional and alternative. In addition and as needed, I collaborate with other health professionals to create highly effective, integrative healthcare solutions that ensure complete and comprehensive care is delivered to our clients.

To meet my clients’ needs and preferences, I often

work  & collaborate, on a referral basis, with naturopaths, chiropractors, allopathic physicians, acupuncturists, physical therapists, hospitals, thermologists, personal trainers, etc.

Whay I Do
Unique Practice
Conditions Treated


I  have spent quality time with Tomas working on keeping my body functioning as a professional tennis player.  
He has taught me many things while working with him - including how to keep a balanced body on and off the tennis court.  

The key words to remember when considering Tomas as your go-to health expert are alignment, pliability, recovery, soft tissue, anti-inflammation, longevity. These are real areas that can help every person - no matter their physical level.  

As an athlete, I view Tomas - not as an added support member of my team -  but an integral part of the team.  Tomas’ soft tissue work and his muscle release technique have given me the well being that I am experiencing today - on and off the tennis court. 


Alexandra Stevenson

Professional Tennis Player

Wimbledon Semifinalist


Tomas started working with me 6 months or so after my amputation. His massage work and knowledge was helpful in several ways.
The breathing technique he taught me was invaluable.
It made me more aware of my body and my posture which helped with my gait. It also helped to calm and center me as I was adjusting to life as an amputee.
The massage was also incredibly helpful as I was so sore from using my muscles in a different way.
I not only looked forward to the relaxation but found it necessary to the healing process.
The strengthening exercises he taught me helped with my muscle fatigue and soreness.
It was the total package that he provided that was instrumental in my first phase as an amputee.


Marcy Y.


I met Tomas shortly after I met a spinal surgeon. The surgeon saw the herniated disc in my neck and recommended immediate surgery. I had been having increasing recurring pain in my shoulders, and referred pain and numbness down my biceps into my fingers. Being an active person, marathon runner and bootcamp enthusiast, this obviously scared me, and I seriously considered the surgery.

My Chiropractor had done an awesome job diagnosing my Scoliosis and other back / neck issues, but it was the body work with Tomas that really made the difference in terms of alleviating the symptoms and getting me back into 'fighting' shape.

Unlike any massage therapist I had worked with before, he fully explained every single thing that he was doing - and made it fully understandable to someone who had no medical knowledge of what he was talking about. I believe that you can heal so much quicker and easier if you can understand what is happening to your body, and what your therapist is doing...

Tomas has a real gift for explaining in relatable terms the way that muscles and tendons work and react. In my case the defensive muscle 'memory' from a bad car accident 9 years prior was still affecting my posture on a daily basis!

It's hard to understate how important it is to be able to understand what is happening to your body, and what every touch and stroke is doing to correct specific problems. Tomas constantly explained all of this, and it helped me feel more comfortable than I've ever felt with a medical or therapeutic professional.

In my case, we chatted during treatment and that only added to my experience, but Tomas constantly checked that it was okay, as he was fully aware that certain clients preferred less talking or silence.

I am always excited when a professional has a real enthusiasm for the work they do, and Tomas always seemed to be so excited to communicate any new research or discovery he had made about my condition - and simply about his choice of work in general. It constantly blew me away that he hadn't been doing this for 20 years!

In Summary: Professional, Enthusiastic, Caring and Diligent. I'm so glad I got to work with him for the time I did.

Damian B.

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