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What You Should Expect Form Your Treatment Session

& What We Expect From You



We are available by appointment only.

Our business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday.


We do NOT accept walk-ins.

We are a PRIVATE MEMEBERSHIP ASSOCIATION (PMA) - the guiding principle of which is SELF SOVEREIGNTY, a person's ability to choose the direction of his / her own life, thus being the exclusive authority over his / her own body and mind.

To learn what is a PMA please click here.

filled out health intake form and a PMA agreement are required for your first appointment, so the therapist can review them and prepare for your session.

The therapist will customize the treatment0 to meet your specific needs & goals, within the limits of his training and scope of practice.

Children and teens are welcome, but an adult guardian must be present with the minor in the treatment room for the entire session and the adult guardian must sign an agreement to treat a minor (this is part of the intake and the PMA).


Clients should arrive 15 minutes early before their scheduled appointment

For Craniosacral treatment wear loose fitting fabrics or cotton as these do not inhibit the treatment process (...unlike during massage, when it is recommended for the client to undress to the level of his / her comfort even though they are always properly covered and draped for the duration of the massage).

Depending on your preference, you can also request that your therapist works through a sheet. 

Every CST appointment has 2 parts:

-  a 15 min health intake discussion and assessment

(done regardless if it is a first time visit or a follow up). 

a full 60 minute bodywork & treatment session (...longer treatments / appointments are available based on the patient's case & by prior arrangement only!) 


Posture & Movement Therapy.

Call us to learn more about:

- our 7 Steps To Strong Posture (7SSP) program or

- an introductory posture & movement assessment session. Discounts are available for existing patients.

Medical Thermography DITI

Call us to schedule your appointment or to discuss any questions you might have in addition to the information you have learned from our DITI page. 

Craniosacral treatment images:


The client has a right to a prompt, professional service in an environment that is clean, private, and safe.

The premises of our office are non-smoking as well as scent and odor free.


The client is expected to demonstrate good hygiene and not use illegal drugs or alcohol before the session. The use of drugs and alcohol make it unsafe for a client to receive bodywork as well as it poses a number of risks for the therapist.

It is the client's responsibility to be clean and practicing personal hygiene on day of his / her bodywork appointment.

Clients and therapists are expected to refrain from any behavior of a sexual nature, including sexual jokes, nicknames, or immodest conduct. Sexual behavior from the therapist toward a client is grounds for therapist termination and may lead to a formal complaint.


Similarly, sexual harassment from the client toward the therapist is absolutely not tolerated. The session will be terminated immediately and there will be a refusal of further service to the client, if the therapist's person or safety is being challenged this way.


Client information is not shared with any members of the public or other health-care providers unless the client releases the information in writing. A court of law may order the client’s health-care records released to the court as part of a legal proceeding.


Therapists are obligated to report information about the abuse of a child, elderly person, or mentally or physically challenged person in the event that such information is related during the session.


Therapists are obligated to report human trafficking , threats of self-harm, or threats that the client plans to harm another person, to authorities. 


Both the client and the therapist have their respective right to end the session at any time, should they feel dissatisfied or uncomfortable with the session in any way.

During any & all bodywork - breasts, genitals, and buttocks are never touched or undraped during a session, and every effort is made to respect and protect both the client’s and therapist’s modesty.

Craniosacral therapy clients should wear lose clothing that do not inhibit movement during treatment.

Massage clients may undress to the level of his / her comfort before the beginning of the session. Also for massage clients, only the area being massaged is undraped, the rest of the client's body remains always covered.


While the therapist will ask you a few questions for instance, about the comfort of the therapeutic stroke, touch or pressure, room temperature or choice of session music, you should let the therapist know immediately if you are feeling uncomfortable for any reason.

Massage treatment images:

Discounted Posture Assessment cost:  $25.00
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