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.We provide medical and rehabilitative bodywork therapy to people whose work and / or lifestyle depends on optimal physical and mental performance, as well as to special populations suffering of soft tissue trauma or other specific medical conditions.




There are may examples - regardless if you are white or blue collar, law enforcement, in performing arts, entrepreneur, in high tech, creative thinker, a stay at home mom an so on – it is likely that you are under constant physical and emotional pressure, needing help healing job-related injuries and to de-stress from a variety of occupational demands.


Professionals need therapeutic bodywork because their work or life is hindered by soft tissue trauma and /or because their livelihood depends on reaching, maintaining or regaining optimal physical and mental performance.


Clinical studies show that the benefits and effects of therapeutic massage are many and significant.

To name a few, massage helps to:

1. Control stress / manage anxiety and depression,

2. Get better sleep,

3. Manage pain,

4. Improve physical fitness 

5. Boost mental health and wellness, etc.


Medical Patients


Medical research shows that bodywork & massage can have powerful healing benefits for both healthy people and for people suffering of a variety of injuries, ailments and trauma.


Given the findings of scientific health research, it is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that bodywork & massage therapy can improve the quality of life for those in hospice and palliative care. Furthermore, it can also provide relief for people with certain chronic autoimmune conditions, cancer, help with post-operational recovery, etc. and improve the quality of life of patients.


​For more information as how massage can help with a particular health condition, please consult with your doctor and find out how massage therapy could become a part of your treatment strategy.


Athletes and Active People


Our clients are athletes, paralympians, active individuals, sport enthusiasts and as performance driven individuals, they do not want their performance to be hindered by injuries, ailments, scars or by the effects of heavy stress.


Our sports, therapeutic and rehabilitative bodywork helps sports oriented people to achieve, maintain or recover their peak physical and optimal mental performance.


Based on medical research, is the American Massage Therapy Association's position that massage & bodywork improves performance, reduces pain, prevents injury, encourages focus and shortens recovery time.


The effects can be physiological, through enhanced circulation and relaxed muscles that have greater flexibility and range of motion, psychological - benefits that help athletes achieve greater performance focus, or both.


Individuals and Health Enthusiasts


More and more people are proactive in managing their health, by practicing self-care and by utilizing simple holistic  health principles in their daily lives.


A very effective part of your health action plan can be a regular therapeutic bodywork & massage appointment providing you with a relaxing, soothing and relieving experience that recharges you after stressful day.

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